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Xenon super white headlight bulbs

The best pair I have had success with is the Street Glow Hyper White Xenon Bulbs. They were about $30 a pair and they have the blue tint and are much whiter than the stock bulbs. If you want true blue lights, you will have to go.

12Volt, H7 100/90Watt. 1/2 x 100watt SUPERWHITE HALOGEN H7 Headlight Bulbs. Colour Temperature: 6000K. These bulbs will provide a brilliant white light. These Halogen look bulbs. .


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50 watt Xenon Super White. 1295 37.5 Watt Natural Amber Glass : 1295 37.5 Watt Clear Glass. Caution: These bulbs are brighter and hotter than stock bulbs. ... Xenon Super White Light Bulbs. Order Bulbs (shown above): $2.99 ea. Click on Images to Enlarge. 1156 BA15s: 1157 BAY15d: Replaces:. NO wires will need to change More Visibility when driving at night Give The Looks Of Headlight Just Like The Luxury Cars Direct upgrade replacement....

Grant H7 Super White high performance 55W headlight bulbs, up to 50% brighter for increased night time vision and a less fatiguing driving experience. Xenon Gas technology paired with a UV filter ensures a crisp Super White beam, suitable for all vehicles with H7 (12v) fitment. This product is Road Legal for use worldwide.

Xenon Bulbs Headlight Bulbs H1 H2 H3 H4 H7 H11 H13 H15 HB3 Front Foglight Bulbs H1 H3 H4 H7 H8 H9 H10 H11 HB3 HB4 HB5 Front Cornering Bulbs H1 H2 H3 H7 H8 H11 DRL Bulbs 580 (W21/5W) 582 (W21W) H15 Sidelight Bulbs 501 (W5W) Side Indicator Bulbs 501 (W5W) Interior Bulbs 501 (W5W) Number Plate Bulbs 501 (W5W) Brake Light Bulbs 580 (W21/5W) 582 (W21W).

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